Use the fieldset component to group related form inputs.

See the GOV.UK Design System documentation on fieldsets for more information on when to use this component.

What is your address?

  legend="What is your address?" 
  <gv-input label="Address line 1" autocomplete="address-line1"/>
  <gv-input label="Address line 2 (optional)" autocomplete="address-line2"/>
  <gv-input label="Town" autocomplete="address-level2" class="govuk-!-width-two-thirds"/>
  <gv-input label="Postcode" autocomplete="postal-code" class="govuk-input--width-10"/>

If you’re using the components for radios, checkboxes or date input, the fieldset will already be included.


describedBy string
One or more element IDs to add to the aria-describedby attribute, used to provide additional descriptive information for screenreader users.
role string
Optional ARIA role attribute to add to the fieldset container.
legend string
Text to use within the legend. If content is provided in the legend slot, this prop will be ignored.
legendClass string|array|object
Classes to add to the legend. You can bind a string, an array or an object, as with normal Vue class bindings.
legendIsPageHeading boolean
Whether the legend also acts as the heading for the page.


The content of the legend. If content is provided in this slot, the legend prop will be ignored.
The content of the fieldset.