GOV.UK Vue is in alpha - your feedback will help to improve it.

Build Vue apps with GOV.UK Design System components

GOV.UK Vue provides Vue implementations of every component in the GOV.UK Design System.

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Get started

Learn how to install GOV.UK Vue and start using it in your app - whether it's a government service or not.

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Use GOV.UK Design System components for forms, navigation, panels, tables and more.

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Help and support

Find out how to get help using GOV.UK Vue, report issues, give feedback or suggest new features.

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Goals of this project

GOV.UK Vue aims to provide a seamless development experience for you and an outstanding user experience for your users.

It uses unmodified GOV.UK Frontend styles to provide consistency with other GOV.UK services, combined with flexible, robust Vue components to accelerate your app development.

It supports every component in the GOV.UK Design System (even experimental components). All GOV.UK Frontend JavaScript is reimplemented as idiomatic Vue code, including full support for all accessibility features.

Sponsoring GOV.UK Vue

GOV.UK Vue is built and maintained by Matt Eason as a community resource. It's not maintained or supported by GDS.

If you find this project useful, I'd really appreciate your support through Ko-fi or GitHub Sponsors.